Pros and Cons: Online Tutoring vs. In-Person Tutoring

Posted by Rebecca Poulsen on Nov 25, 2020 3:52:56 PM
Rebecca Poulsen

When it comes to tutoring, there are typically two options:

  1. Online
  2. In-person

So how do you know which option is best for students? What works best for their learning style? We answer all those questions and more! Keep on reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each tutoring option.

Pros of Online Tutoring

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Flexible Schedule

Students have a hectic schedule. Many are balancing a job, family life, social activities, and school all at the same time. Having a tutoring option that works with their schedule is one of the best aspects of online tutoring.

PhotoStudy offers 24/7 tutoring services where students can instantly connect with an Expert to answer their homework questions.

Instant Access

Unlike in-person tutoring, online tutoring offers unlimited access to Experts. Students can connect with an Expert anywhere, including the comfort of their own home.

Instant access allows students to get the answers they need to move on with their homework and get it turned in on time. 

Safe Space

Current students come from a generation that prefers to communicate differently: through text. Some students have difficulty building up the courage to speak up in class to ask a question. However, when talking with an online tutor, the worry of judgment from classmates or their teacher fades away, and they can focus on the problem at hand. 

Watch a student Demo!

Cons of Online Tutoring

Poor Internet Connection

One downside of online tutoring is that it depends so heavily on a good wifi connection. If students don’t have a great internet connection at home, they may struggle to connect with an online tutor.

Luckily we live in the 21st century, and a good internet connection can be found almost anywhere. If students have a poor internet connection at home, they can always visit their local library, coffee shop, or school campus and connect with online tutors.


If students are doing online tutoring at home, they’re typically in their comfort zone, which can lead to more distractions. Family members may be coming and going, Facebook messages can pop up, the family pet may want attention, and so much more can lead to distractions students typically don’t get in a school setting.

Pros of In-Person Tutoring

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Human Interaction

Having face-to-face interactions with a student allows a tutor to physically see if a student is struggling. With online tutoring, tutors have to depend on text responses from students to confirm if they are lost or not.

Classroom Setting

Meeting a tutor in-person often means meeting on the school campus or in a controlled learning environment, which can provide less distraction. Having a similar setting to what the student has in the physical classroom environment can help students focus better.

Cons of In-Person Tutoring

Volunteers Not Experts

Typically in-person tutors are volunteers and higher up students from the school. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are experts in the topic they are tutoring.

PhotoStudy pays their tutors for their work and hires only the best, most qualified Experts. With in-person tutoring, there’s no telling how qualified the tutor will be.

Matching Schedules

Like we mentioned above, students have wild schedules, so adding a meetup time with a tutor may not fit into their hectic lives. Rather than schedule a tutoring session, students may opt-out of any tutoring at all, even when they desperately need it because they simply don’t have the time.

Sometimes there are circumstances that completely prevent students from meeting in person, like the 2020 pandemic we are currently living in. To avoid spreading the virus, it’s not possible for students to physically meet with a tutor at this time, and they need other options.

Choose Online Tutoring

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It may be no surprise to you that we are in favor of online tutoring. But it’s not just us that think online tutoring is a better option for students. Other TRiO Admins and students agree with us too!


"We chose Photostudy because we had students that needed help with math. PhotoStudy provides great math tutors. We like the 24/7 access, it was convenient. I would totally recommend it to other programs."

  • Rosario Riley, University of Central Oklahoma


"Got It is the future of tutoring. The convenience that it offers both our students and our administrators is unparalleled. We have students from 8 different schools, so giving students access to tutoring help has always been a challenge. With Got It, our students have access to professional tutoring within seconds - whenever they need it most - all for a reasonable price. It is one of those apps where once you use it, it will be hard to imagine life without it."

  • Ramon Balderas, University of Arkansas


“It is a super easy app to use and it doesn't crash at all while you get help. Instead of just giving the answer, they actually show you how it was done and that is probably the most beneficial. I love it.”

  • TRiO Student


“PhotoStudy is great for those times when a teacher isn’t inaccessible, and the internet can’t really fully explain a problem you are trying to solve. PhotoStudy Experts help you understand the topic instead of just finding the answer.”

  • TRiO Student  


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