How to Get Students to Download and Use the PhotoStudy App

Posted by Rebecca Poulsen on Dec 1, 2020 5:20:56 PM
Rebecca Poulsen

How to Get Students to Download and Use the PhotoStudy Tutoring App

Student downloading the Photostudy tutoring app

So you’ve bought the online tutoring app PhotoStudy and now you need to encourage your students to use it. How do you get the word out about this new 24/7 tutoring app? Luckily, PhotoStudy is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Once the students start playing around with the app, using it will become second nature.

Based on our research and current admin testimonials about what has worked, we have gathered up a list of tips to help incentivize downloads and to get students to use the service regularly. Here they are! 

Incentivizing Downloads

The first step is getting students to download the app. Here are a few ways you can help encourage students to take that first step in using the online tutoring app.

Mandatory Downloads

Student using online tutoring app on laptop

Require students to download the app for a homework assignment. 

But here’s the catch:

Rather than just making students download the app for an assignment, try giving them a difficult problem to complete where they can use the app to assist them in completing the task.

This will ensure that students have the app and have used it at least once, meaning that they’ll both understand how the app works and know how helpful it is.

Free Stuff

Create a promotion: when students download the app and show that they have completed a session to an administrator, they get a free sweet treat! Ensure the promotion is only suitable for a week, and students will quickly download the app and use it.

Send a reminder before the assignment is due, telling the students of the sweet incentive they could get if all they do is download the app!

Information Sessions

Tutor explaining concept on whiteboard

Hold an information session, introducing or reintroducing the service to your students. Explain how it works, explain the uses for the app, and have a Q&A session for students at the end.

During the information session, ask all students to download the app or come with it downloaded to follow along during the session.

Offering extra credit for attending the information session can significantly encourage students to participate. If you or students don’t have time outside of class to meet up for an info session, set aside 10-15 minutes at the end of class to go over the app.

Getting Students to Use the App

So your students have downloaded our app. Now what? Getting students to use the app may be a little bit trickier, but with our tips, you’ll have students using it in no time!


A possible incentive is to create a contest aspect around the PhotoStudy sessions. For every five sessions a student completes, they get a raffle ticket. At the end of a period (we suggest a quarter or semester), there can be a raffle for a larger prize, such as a $50 gift card. The more the student uses the service, the higher chance they have of winning, prompting them to use the app more often.

Use the Admin Dashboard

Our Admin Dashboard is easy to use, allowing you to track student progress, note which students are using the service the most, and what subjects they’re using it in. Ask the students who use the service the most to spread it to their friends and talk to them about the app!

We hope these tips help you and make it easier to roll out the Photostudy tutoring app to your students! 


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