5 Reasons Students Need an Online Tutor

Posted by Rebecca Poulsen on Nov 5, 2020 3:53:56 PM
Rebecca Poulsen

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What a year it has been!

The pandemic of 2020 has forced educators and students alike to quickly adapt to different learning situations that are less than ideal, and what a roller coaster ride it has been.

With the switch to online learning, students have been left with fewer resources to help them succeed in their academics. Tutoring labs are shut down, office hours no longer exist, and study groups aren’t happening.

School administrations have had to get creative in what they can offer their students to help them succeed in their academics. So, let’s talk about one thing that every student should have for online learning.

5 Benefits of Having an Online Tutor

1. Students understand concepts on a deeper level

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Spending time with a tutor isn’t just for getting homework help. Tutors can help expand students' knowledge of concepts taught in class and help them connect the dots.

Of course, students should do their part in preparing for their tutoring sessions before the meeting. Tutors are there to help students understand concepts, not summarize the entire chapter that’s been assigned.

When students understand the concepts on a deeper level, they will likely perform better on homework, quizzes, tests, and other assignments. Not to mention, they are more likely to engage more in class discussions.

2. Homework assignments are completed on time

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It’s a pain for teachers to track down students when they turn in an assignment late. Not to mention, many teachers have a late work policy where points get docked each day the homework is late, causing the student to get a lower grade.

Late work means students fall behind, their grades suffer, and stress builds up for both students and teachers. But with a tutor, students set aside time to work on their homework and have the opportunity to complete it. No more late work, no more docked points.

3. Online tutors relieve stress for students

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Students have a pretty stressful life. They have to balance their academics with a social life, work-life, family time; you name it. A lot is going on for them.

Having a tutor gives students a great point of contact during the semester. Online tutors that are available 24/7 can be a great go-to option for when students want to get help quickly.


With in-person tutoring, students have to sync their schedules to meet with a tutor and take time out of their day to transport themselves to school to meet with the tutor. With online tutoring, students can get help anytime, anywhere in their own home.

4. Create structure in a student’s day

Being in quarantine has set off a lot of people’s daily routines. It's not easy to have a set schedule when everything is changing so often.

Having a tutor allows students to set time aside during the day to sit down and have a one-on- one session. Having that set time also gives students a chance to prep any questions they may have before the meeting. 

5. More resources for students, less stress for the teacher

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When there’s only one teacher for 30 students, there’s bound to be a few people that fall through the cracks. Teachers simply don’t have the resources to assist every single student in a timely manner.

Students also don't always have access to teachers, like when it's after hours. But an online tutoring is available at any time of the day or night.

Help students understand the importance of online tutoring

These are just a few of the benefits online tutoring has to offer. There are plenty more that students and teachers can enjoy.

Use this blog as a guide to help your students understand the importance of online tutoring and why they should be using this kind of service, especially during the pandemic.

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